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Standard Frequencies for Family Radio Service (FRS) and other Portable Two-way Radios

There are several standard frequencies for two-way radios that are used on job sites, warehouses, commercial areas, etc.

To make life a little easier for the user, the frequencies are usually associated with a colored dot that is on the outside of the radio. If you want to talk between two radios they must be on the same frequency, which means they must have the same colored dot.

Here is a listing of the colored dots and their exact frequencies (in Mhz)


Red 151.625 MHz
Purple 151.955
Blue 154.570
Green 154.600
White 462.575, GMRS (Class A CB)
Black 462.625
Orange 462.675
Brown 464.500
Yellow 464.550

Additional letter and shape designations indicate other frequencies

"J" 467.7625 MHz
"K" 467.8125
Silver Star 467.850
Gold Star 467.875
Red Star 467.900
Blue Star 467.925

The Family Radio Service "FRS" is comprised of 14 channels allocated by the FCC to be used for non-commercial purposes, without the need for licensing.

Channel Frequency (MHz)
1 462.5625
2 462.5875
3 462.6125
4 462.6375
5 462.6625
6 462.6875
7 462.7125
8 467.5625
9 467.5875
10 467.6125
11 467.6375
12 467.6625
13 467.6875
14 467.7125



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