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New RXC-3080-Trbo with Virtual DTMF signaling works with Motorola MotoTRBO portable and mobile radios in true digital mode.


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Radio Remote Control and Alert Systems!

Genave manufactures products to fit applications where remote control via radio signal is needed. In addition, we also have products which deliver dedicated siren and voice alert messages at your command.


  • Small Size: installs quickly.
  • Rugged: weatherproof, dependable, built to last.
  • Field Programmable Without a Computer!
    • easily change the activation codes.
    • quickly update timing and relay actions to match your exact need
    • Switch to Narrowband in less than 60 seconds.
    • Change Radio frequencies just as fast.
    • Multiple signaling formats to match automatic or manual codes
      • DTMF, normal or high speed.
      • Two-tone, most Motorola timings, Federal Signal, as well as custom tones and timings.
      • Virtual DTMF (V-Dtmf™) for Motorola® MotoTRBO™ systems.
      • Single-tone (aka "All-Call") activation signals.
      • Freestyle formats, mix tone groups and dtmf commands.
    • Power Supply Options: AC, Battery, Solar, DC converter/isolator.
    • Local Controls: Local buttons, LCD screen, radio speaker.
    • Remote Operation: Local or world-wide.
    • Microprocessor Based: To fine-tune exact operation.
    • Unlimited Options: Fits any application.

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